They surprise us, make us dream and arouse our interest: the lamps and solutions offered by Façon de Venise are the essence of experimentation. This brand is dynamic, offering innovative up-to-date luminaires. Creative design and materials are not restricted by any rules. This is the "DNA" of the most striking and original LIGHT4 brand: a combination that always leaves you speechless, without exaggerating. It is a matter of personality, successfully making the best use of light and its potential to express new aesthetic concepts.

This design provides free expression and functionality for objects. With this awareness, the future ideas of Façon de Venise are not mere theoretical speculation but adapt to create each attractive furnishing element. The lines of this brand have already been chosen for the interiors of numerous fashionable and original bars/restaurants. The future of lighting starts here.
PDF : Catalogue "façon de venise" 2013
ZIP : Catalogue "façon de venise" 2013

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