Starting from the 13th of October 2014 the brand OF interni is a part of the LIGHT4 Group. This new entry is strategically very important as it increases the selection of products for our company and also allows LIGHT4 to become even stronger in the emerging markets. Always maintaining the peculiar features for which OF interni was known, such as the manufacture quality combined with the great customization capabilities, we aim to improve all commercial and operating aspects which are necessary to a company to deal with an always more selective and critical market in which we work. We are already working on the new OF interni operating plan for year 2015. For this reason, we kindly invite you to be updated on our future developments through LIGHT4 online channels.



Light4 is proud to add two brand new collections to the Façon De Venise catalogue: PEANUT & WILDLIGHT. Both collections are designed by Oriano Favaretto whom we are happy to welcome in our group of LIGHT4 designers. The collections join the handcrafted quality with the innovative technology.

The body of both lighting fixtures is made of ash or oak wood. All manufactured following the best Italian artisan tradition in order to guarantee the quality. All light sources are LED at main voltage. Tradition meets innovation. Our new catalogue also presents SINFONIA, design Massimo Tonetto.

- CATALOG 2015



From 14th to 18th October LIGHT4 is please to illuminate the stand of the famous furniture company Luciano Zonta Srl, PAV 10 – C18 / C20 at the Crocus center.

The collection LIMELIGHT from Façon De Venise and MUSA from VINTAGE were selected to enlighten the interiors of their space.

All exclusively Made in Italy.



The LIGHT4 research project in collaboration with the University of Venice IUAV has begun. The purpose of the work is to explore the application of 3d printing and the enormous creative potential that this technique can offer in the field of lighting design.

At this stage we are investigating new ideas of a light device in which the technical features of 3d printing become the formal and decorative element of the luminary. Stay tuned for more news...


LIGHT4 will be closed from 2nd to 31st August included.



Also this year LIGHT4 offers to its customers a premium training and relaxing weekend in Venice. From June 20 to 22, in fact, we had the pleasure of hosting 10 ours clients, with whom we shared the beauty of LIGHT4 news, as well as the beauty of the city. Two days of intense, rich dialogue and inspiration about the future!



For LIGHT4 the web is not only a virtual showroom, but rather an working tool that is available where ever you are. On light4.it you will find: light4-profile, light4-fabrics, light4-catalogs and now also 2D/3D models of our best sellers. An archive in constant evolution…



LIGHT4 has completed a big composition with the MLampshades collection in the brand new Centro Veneto del Mobile showroom near Lecco, Italy. 33 lampshades of different dimensions create a 6 x 10 meters rectangle of color e light. Take a look…

VESTIRE LA LUCE (dressing the light)


The workshop Vestire La Luce has by now become a national event with 4 cities involved: Treviso, Padova, Verona & Parma. LIGHT4 is proud to be a part of this high level initiative thanks to the extremely competent architect Paolo de Lucchi.

During the lecture, which took place in the showroom of ISENS, we saw 30 proposals made by the Treviso and Padova groups; 30 ideas & 6 hours of workshop together with LIGHT4's art director Brian Rasmussen. We are sure that this is merely the beginning of a long adventure…



A 120 square meters open space with huge light compositions – that's how LIGHT4 has chosen to present the 2014 news at the most important light fair in the world: LIGHT + BUILDING, Frankfurt. The protagonist is the new product MAPLE, design Brian Rasmussen, which with its photo etched steel leafs creates light reflections and brilliance in the entire stand. Another important material is: fabrics. Used to create to vast VintageShades collection, design L4B, the colourful CLOE, design Cambi Scatena Turini, and the reinterpretation of the classical lamp in JANE, design Andrea Lazzari. Finally also the glass, an important part of the LIGHT4 production, is used to create the majestic modular product TIVOLI, design Brian Rasmussen.



The most important International Fair of Lighting is here!

We will be present with several news from our 2014 Vintage collection: From the elegant suspension CLOE, to the metal reinterpretation of the traditional lamp JANE.

From new versions of our bestseller VENEZIA, to the design of lampshades Vintage/Shades. From the spectacular and modular chandelier TIVOLI, to the photo-etched metal leafs of the customizable lamp MAPLE. There are many aspects that make our Vintage products unique, where luxury meets technology.



Starting from March 10th, 2014 Light4 will be part of an ambitious research project with the University IUAV of Venice. The research object is "New technologies for the creation of virtual models(augmented reality) and real prototypes (3D printing)". The research, supervised by Associate Professor Francesco Guerra, has a term of one year. Stay tuned for more news.


Starting from March 1st 2014, according to EU Regulation 874/2012, it will become obligatory energy labeling of lighting equipment. Light4, through its official website, will make available a link where you can download the label of the product of interest.

Download your label here


We are developing together with our partner, Khabari International, a new concept store in Kuwait City, where they will be expose products of all our 4 brands. Stay tuned for more news...


Many companies consider the web as a simple institutional showcase.

However, Light4 considers the web as a new tool for its customers and architects, providing them a real browsable online archive: from the projects realized, to the fabrics used to realize parts of them.

Download Light4 Projects here
Download Light4 Fabrics here


The most important International Fair of Lighting is coming. Professionists, designers, architects, engineers, lighting designers from around the world are waiting this expected event.

We will be present with an open space of 120 sqm in Hall 1,dedicated to the decorative design. We will expose new lighting solutions for both the home and contract sector.

Stay tuned for more news.


Great success for the 9th edition of iSaloni WorldWide Moscow, held at the Crocus Expo exhibition centre from 16th to 19th September 2013. Many visitors to the appointment of reference for architects, interior designers, buyers and general contractors this year in Moscow. Drill by Façon de Venise and Venezia by Vintage,were the most successfull and admired collections by our customers. A fundamental event that consolidates more and more our dialogue with the Russian market. iSaloni WorldWide Moscow will be back from 15th to 18th October 2014!



Course of 10 lessons held by the architect Paolo De Lucchi turned to students, creative young people, designers, architects and freelance. Participants will be able to ""design lamps" for LIGHT4. We want to approach "creative minds" to our company in order to create an eventual professional relationship. The course will take place in Padua, Treviso and Syracuse. Registrations are open!


At the next 2013 edition of "iSALONI WorldWide" at the Crocus Expo Center, scheduled in Moscow from 16th to 19th October, Light4 and its 4 brands will be present with a contemporary space dedicated to 2013 news and not only. The new proposals Drill and Seahorse by Façon de Venise, along with his best-seller Limelight and those of Vintage brand, Venezia & Musa, will be the undisputed stars of our stand during this renowned and appreciated event.

After the great success of the previous edition, it consolidates our presence in one of the most important showcases for the Russian market: a market in which we are growing and becoming more protagonists.


Everyone talks about it, more than 130 million users use it, it's the most artistic and popular social network in this time. Light4 could not be not present, so by today we are pleased to announce you that you can also find us on Instagram!

All of our brands, the making of the various products, projects and new works: by now you can admire them, and why not, share them directly from your phone. See you there!

Milano Design Week – Light4 @Euroluce


“Interiors of tomorrow” is the recurrent theme chosen for the 52nd edition of the Saloni exhibition where Milan became the focus of world attention. Not just design; the city became an expression of all the current trends and possible future scenarios. The numbers speak for themselves, with a total of 324,093 visitors from 160 countries. However these figures represent only a small part of the pulsating atmosphere, the energy and the absence of spatial boundaries of the fair both inside and out. Euroluce’s key word is innovation, which can be likened to words such as “work” as an idea of a space that follows the flow of activities and people: this is also the spirit with which we were present at Euroluce. Furnishings and lighting may have been the framework, but we placed our visitors centre stage with a clear message of welcome: make our stand your space!

Milano Design Week – Light4 party (PICS)

It’s impossible to pass through Milan during the International Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile) without stopping off at the Fuorisalone and this year the calendar of events once again focussed on culture and experimentation. The design trails, on Saturday 13th March, also saw the Light4 Store launch its new look with an evening cocktail party based on shapes, colour, content and design that reflect the concept of “Light is Life”. Thank you to everyone who took part in our special week in Milan!




What does it mean for us to participate in Euroluce for the first time? The biennial event is an important target for us, and above all a starting point that is encapsulated in the main concept behind our presence. An open office for discussions, sharing experiences and learning, and the continual dialogue in the centre of Milan at the Light4 store. See you at the party on Saturday 13th April!

Euroluce 09-14th April 2013, PAD 11 STAND G 46



Over 250 projects took part in the 2011-2012 Light4 Design Contest launched with Façon de Venise under the name “La luce e l’illusione” (Light and Illusion). The jury presided by French architect Alain Moatti carefully assessed the participants’ personal investigation on the potential of decorative light in terms of both substance and shape. The idea is the result of the union of four young designers: Valentina Calcidese, Yuan Fei Gong, Giulia Puntoni and Lu Yao, who are all students at the faculty of Architecture of Genoa, in the Product and Event Design Master degree programme, today collaborate with us. The winner of the Light4 Design Contest, their “Goccia” is a suggestive suspension light inspired by the effect generated by the impact with a liquid surface. This product will officially début at Euroluce.


How to collect the images that inspire us, the words that made us wonder and the representations of our idea of light? By pinning them! Vision and image are the starting point for the inspirational social network which conquered over 50 million people in just a few years. From now on, meet us on Pinterest too!

Euroluce 2013: In Milan, an Open Office of ideas

The 52nd edition of the Salone del Mobile was presented with the slogan "In Milan, the world we will live in"; the event has also ushered in our biennial appointment with Euroluce. We are preparing for the event with the idea of ​​being "In Milan, an Open Office of ideas"; this will be the inspirational concept of our Milanese showroom from April 9-14.

Reflections of water in the showcase

Our visibility at points of sale throughout Italy is growing continuously, in numbers and in the style of our presence. Here we are in Reggio Calabria and "Luci e Forme", in the center of the capital of Calabria, can be considered the most important lighting showcase of the Strait. Inside are the most successful lamps of the Light4 brands and all the latest from 2012.

Merry Xmas 2012

Just a few days before Christmas and its unique atmosphere fills these cold December days with light. In sending you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we remind you that the company will be closed from the 22nd of December 2012 till the 6th of January 2013 for the Christmas holidays.

Coming soon: a new showroom corner in Pristina

We are glad to announce you that a new challenge has begun which will keep us busy until January 2013. We are designing a corner devoted to Light4 inside Pristina Light House Exhibition Center, in Kosovo.

Over 500 sqm for a showroom combining furniture and lighting, one hundred of which are entirely dedicated to us: our starting points will be the look and the concept of our Milan Store.

Light4 arrives at Saloni WorldWide Moscow!


This year at the expo for architects, interior designers, buyers and general contractors in Moscow, we were present for the first time with ML, Vintage, Façon de Venise and Itama as the four faces of a single reality by Light4. A wager that proved a great success with the public, to our personal satisfaction . "Venezia" by Diego Chilò in its three different versions was the undisputed star of the Light4 stand.

Light4 goes social on Facebook and Twitter

The reflection of a new social identity on Light4's Facebook page and a new start on Twitter are the result of a thorough analysis of our presence and of the desire to communicate intimately our work and what inspires us. Dialogue is at the heart of what we do.

A new Light4 flagship store in Milan


The first Light4 flagship store in Italy features urban style. It is a showroom, a retail outlet and much more: for the design of the new flagship store opened on 1st September in downtown Milan, our art director Brian Rasmussen was inspired by the "metropolitan city". Visitors can follow a path towards light, where at each stop they can discover the top products of our four brands: ML, Vintage, Façon de Venise and Itama. The 80-square-metre space at number 34 Via Carducci spreads over a single floor, with three large window display areas.
Laura Corbo and Luca Allevi are the partners, along with Light4, of the new store: their broad knowledge of design and technical lighting is ideal for assisting customers in their choices, whether they are interior designers, lighting engineers or home enthusiasts. Having made its debut in the capital city of design, Light4 aims to leave its mark!

Light4 @ "Elettroshock" concept by i SENS


The project that Light4 was invited to collaborate on at Elettroshock is a new creative concept, where light and sound are inspired by ideas. The 3-day event was highly successful with the public. It was organised by i SENS at its showroom in Villorba (Treviso). This company provides consulting and supply services to the technical lighting, sound systems and home automation sectors. i Project was introduced at the exhibition organised by Walter Davanzo. This new concept, which uses tailored solutions, materials and different scenarios, allows ideas to be transformed into concrete projects. Proving that experience and planning are essential to creating products that give rise to ideas, Light4 contributed to this project with Limelight, Aqua and Mlampshades, products that are widely appreciated, as they are available in many innovative tailor-made solutions. To start with, a network of strong skills in customisation is ready for the challenge of global competition.

iSALONI WorldWide, Moscow: here we come!

At the next edition of Saloni WorldWide at Crocus Expo, scheduled in Moscow from 10 to 13 October, we will attend as the Light4 Group with all our brands. In this way, we will strengthen our presence at one of the leading trade fair events for the CIS area market, after our initial debut there in 2011, entirely focusing on our "Vintage" brand collections.

The Light4 stand will be located in exhibition hall 8, dedicated to modern design: "Venezia" by the designer Diego Chilò, presented in 3 different versions, will be the absolute star. We have therefore achieved the exceptional performance of our products in the target market: a growing trend in triple digit figures, which we also expect to confirm over the next few months. See you in Moscow...

Light+Building: a cascade of new features


Misstrass and its 3,224 brightly coloured components were used for the backdrop of our stand at Light+Building, the lighting fair held in Frankfurt from 15 - 20 April.
This maxi installation in the collection created by Mauro Marzollo for the Façon de Venise brand, depicting the Group’s logo, not only welcomed visitors but also provided the backdrop to many meetings during the fair. In addition to presenting the new Vintage 2012 catalogue, Light4 relaunched, in new versions and colours, the best selling products of its various brands. “Aqua Sphere” and “Back” by Itama, and “Drop” by ML with its elegant screen-printed details. In short, a cascade of new features!
Thank you everyone, and see you at the next edition!

See our album on the fan page of Facebook

The new Vintage catalogue, what style!

Catalogue PDF

The catalogue illustrates “Venezia”, a sublime combination of modular cups in Murano glass and chrome metal by the designer Diego Chilò, “Atmosphere”, a splendid all-white chandelier with 54 lights that recalls a jellyfish floating in the ocean, “Bouquet” a ball-shaped lamp in white fabric with coloured handcrafted flowers, the new “Musa” and much more.

With its new features, the “Vintage” brand is ready to conquer the market, especially in Eastern Europe and Arab countries, offering traditionally crafted quality and style. The main new entries include “Infinity”, a modular Venetian chandelier that allows “infinite” options to be recreated in space. A high degree of customisation, modularity and decoration: discover “Infinity” and the latest products in the new Vintage catalogue!

Happy Birthday Light4!

This year the Light4 Group celebrates its 5th birthday!
With the take over of the Muranoluce brand, on 6 April 2007, our adventure officially began. Since then, the history of Light4 has followed an exciting path characterised by research, quality and innovation.

We have just experienced 5 years of growth: a more than 3-fold increase in turnover, the step from 2 employees in the start-up stage to the current 14, the creation and takeover of new brands, the move to our current super technological and spacious headquarters, the opening of prestigious showrooms abroad and our ongoing presence at leading trade fairs that represent the lighting sector.

We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt at the Light+Building fair, hall 1.1, stand D.30, to celebrate together and discover the surprises from our brands Façon de Venise, Itama, ML and Vintage.

Façon de Venise, the new catalogue is on the way

Looking ahead to the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt next month, important new products will be presented for the most successful collections of the Façon de Venise brand. The "Aqua" line by Brian Rasmussen has been extended with oversize lampshades. From now on the line will also include a table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and "spherical" suspended lamp. After "Misstrass", a "Sphere" version has also been created for the "Aqua" line: a modular composition of truncated cone-shaped diffusers in coloured fabric, in a wide variety of combinations with attractive decorations. Plenty of surprises are in store in the new edition of the Façon de Venise catalogue. Are you ready to rediscover the charm of lighting?

Happy business to... Light4!

From 15 to 18 February, the first edition of "Happy Business To You!" was held at the Pordenone trade fair centre. This fair, dedicated to the contract sector and intended to promote "Made in Italy" products worldwide, offered a new format with many events including meetings with architects, internationally renowned designers and specialised exhibitors. Light4 took part with its products at the stand of "Polo Veneto", a consortium established by leading groups operating in the residential and hotel sector. The foundations were laid for successful collaboration in the future, with a view to developing partnerships in the contract sector.

February 2012: here is the new ML website

Browsing among pure shapes and attractive lighting ideas: the ML website is now online. In addition to the new catalogue launched in September 2011, after careful strategic repositioning, today the new ML brand website is in operation.
This virtual showcase allows you to discover products through attractive full-screen images, macro photography and settings but also technical data sheets and descriptions. Space is given to lighting and design with an elegant and comprehensive section entirely dedicated to ML collections, where you can find decorative products and ideal solutions for the contract furnishings sector.
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in the land is the fairest of all?"

Visit ml

February 2012: "Glam & Fun" in Venice

The Russian market, just like the entire area of Eastern Europe, confirms its position
as an important point of reference for the Light4 Group, especially for the Vintage brand. From Thursday 10 to Sunday 12 February, as part of the "Glam & Fun" incentive trip, members of our staff met the best Russian salesmen. The 3-day trip not only focused on rewarding the protagonists of double-digit sales growth recorded in 2011 but also gave us an opportunity to present the Light4 Group in the best possible way, allowing them to closely discover the charm of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
A meeting at our new headquarters and a stay in Venice, at the time of Carnival celebrations, provided full immersion into the style and elegance of a timeless atmosphere...
Congratulations to the protagonists of this great success, we look forward to more!

February 2012: and the winner is...

The "Goccia" design project has won the Light4 Design Contest. It was created by four students in the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa: Valentina Calcidese, Yuan Fei Gong, Giulia Puntoni and Lu Yao. The young aspiring designers received the award on 16 February 2012 at our headquarters in Quinto di Treviso.

"Goccia" is an attractive suspended lamp inspired by the effect created when a drop hits a liquid surface and breaks up into different parts. It was selected from over 250 design projects by the panel of judges headed by the French architect Alain Moatti.



Light+Building, see you there!

Light4 this year will be exhibiting at Light+Building, one of biggest events in the lighting sector taking place from 15 to 20 April 2012. At the Frankfurt fair Light4 will present the Itama collection, our fourth brand just become part of our team, and the new ML catalogue. A section of our exhibition will be giving result to "Façon de Venise – Light and Illusion", the design contest we promoted last year which resulted in the submission of more than 200 projects from young designers. Last but not least, don't miss the luxury novelties of our brand Vintage…
Save the date! The countdown has already started...

Itama becomes part of the Light4 team!

As of today, the group's 4th brand accompanies Vintage, Façon de Venise, and the restyled ML brand. With the Itama collection, which expresses the creative talent of designer Massimo Tonetto, Light4 strengthens its presence in an important market segment: architectural and technical lighting. Read More...

Vintage style at the trade fair in Moscow

Vintage style was presented at the 7th edition of Saloni WorldWide in Moscow, which took place at Crocus Expo, from 12 to 15 October. For the first time, Light4 took part in this leading showcase for the Home Furnishings sector. Not only is it aimed at the Russian market but also at other countries in its geo-political area. With over 30,000 visitors registered, Saloni WorldWide Moscow is a special meeting venue for architects and interior designers, and an event of great interest to international traders in the sector. Read More...

Light4 Design Contest 2011/2012

The Light4 De sign Contest is online!
The competition entitled “Façon de Venise – La luce e l'illusione” (Façon de Venise – Light and Illusion), launched last month, continues to bounce from one website to another, recording considerable feedback. Many contacts have been made via e-mail, the dedicated Facebook page and the YouTube channel. Read More...

August 2011: Muranoluce a new brand


Not just restyling, but also much more: it is pure evolution. In recent months, the image of the Muranolunce brand has been made more modern and contemporary. The attached PDF shows a selection of attractive details of new products and settings chosen for the rebirth of this historic brand.

Are you ready to discover it in a new light? Read More...

June 2011: "Plana"


The new Muranoluce catalogue is just about ready. To ease the waiting, here is a preview of the new “Plana” line, which also includes a wall lamp and a suspended lamp.

In addition to discovering these original versions and the new settings, you can download the attached PDF file, and have a taste of the new Muranoluce catalogue. Work has been done over the last few months to completely restyle the brand and its products, starting with the new “ml” logo and many new features that will be presented soon. Muranoluce focuses on contemporary lighting, introducing innovative technical and technological content. This preview starts the countdown to the new catalogue.

May 2011: FacondeVenise.com and Facebook

The new Façon de Venise website is officially online as of today. Powered by Studiomama, www.facondevenise.com has been designed as a true showcase for the brand and its original creations. Products are the protagonists: full-screen scenes and still life images are visible in the background of the various sections. For each line of this vibrant Light4 brand, you can also explore technical specifications and 3D models, which can be easily downloaded. Read More...

March 2011: Elfiluce


The first Light4 single-brand space in Italy has opened in March at Elfiluce in Ravenna. It reinforces our presence on the domestic market. A store covering 100m2 offers a wide range of products, which includes three sections dedicated to our brands: Muranoluce, Vintage and Façon de Venise. Read More...

February 2011: Brian Rasmussen

Since February, the Danish designer has been permanently engaged in several areas: new product development, design and contract furnishings. This new partnership confirms the ambition of our brand to grow and consolidate its role in the lighting and design sector. Rassmussen was born in Ringsted, Denmark. After graduating from the “Royal Academy of Architecture” in Copenhagen in 2000, he has been living and working in Venice for about ten years. He has won prestigious awards in the field of architecture. Since 2004, he has gradually established himself as a lighting designer. After collaborating with “Louis Poulsen Lighting” and many Italian brands, in 2010 he designed two top products in the latest Façon de Venise catalogue: Aqua and Bloom. Today, Rasmussen and Light4 are consolidating a strategic partnership, which, if previous ones are anything to go by, looks truly promising. We welcome Brian and wish him all the best!

January 2011: "A'la Lampa"


Italian style: in design, lighting... and in the kitchen!

A few weeks ago, an original event took place to celebrate the first year of partnership between Light4 and Ramko, our distributor in Poland. The event was hosted by our Ramko sales partner Joanna Raminger, who is also the owner of “A'la Lampa”, a prestigious sales area and showroom with headquarters in Warsaw and Katowice. Read More...

November 2010: Kortrijk

From 15 – 24th October 2010, Kortrijk in Belgium was host to the leading European fair for the design and contract furnishings sector. “Interieur” is a prestigious biennial showcase, which has offered new trends in interior furnishings for the near future since 1968.

In a 50m2-space, Façon de Venise presented five of its collections: Aqua, Bloom, Claude, Limelight and Misstrass. Read More...

October 2010: Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

For the first time in the “temple” of London design, a space is entirely dedicated to an Italian lighting company. During the London Design Festival, Light4 opened its first single-brand showroom in Europe at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London. For our brand, Sunday 26th September is certainly a date to remember. Read More...

August 2010: A Canadian stamp by Façon de Venise

This postage stamp, for all mail from Canada, features Bloom, one of the latest products from the Façon de Venise catalogue presented this year. The tailor-made postage stamp shown here at the side is the outcome of an original project by our distributor Franco Monastero, exclusively for Canada. His company Interlight, with its head offices in Hamilton, Ontario, has promoted the printing of a limited edition of 20,000 postage stamps, worth 54 cents of a dollar each, available from August. Bloom, the line by Danish designer Brian Rasmussen, which best represents the personality and identity of the Façon de Venise brand, was chosen for the image on the postage stamp. This commemorative postage stamp may even become a cult object for Canadian and other stamp collectors. In the meantime, we heartily wish to thank Franco Monastero, not only for the excellent results achieved in Canada but also for this creative promotional scheme for our products and our brand.

May 2010: new arrivals at Light4

The recent addition of new human resources to the sales and the logistics departments affords an opportunity to put a name to the faces of those who work daily in the different sectors of our company. Light4 and its team continue to expand: immersed in packaging ready for shipment, we would like to make a small tribute to the dynamic protagonists of this exciting adventure. Our staff comprises: Lorenzo Bertocco, Claudia Ragazzi, Cristina Ragazzi and Francesco Pagnin (Board of Directors); Jacopo Carrer, Michele Lucchetta and Linda Schiavon (Export  Department); Franco Bon and Consuelo Cavallin (Domestic Market Department); Marisa Pillonetto and Gloria Sorze (Administration Department);  Andrea Fornasier (Technical Department); Matteo Marcon (Testa & Rizzo Associati – Media relations); Andrea Bonesso, Alessio Fornasier, Adriano Lazzari and Leandro Vargas (Logistics Department).

May 2010: The new "Light is life" campaign begins

A new advertising campaign has begun to promote the Façon de Venise brand. “Light is Life” is the advertising claim chosen to promote the dynamic and innovative style of the brand. We have started this project in the monthly magazine INTERNI, including a KING SIZE supplement, and in BRAVA CASA. The electrifying colours of Misstrass are the protagonists of the campaign inaugurated in the April issues to coincide with leading trade fair events. For Light4, this is an initial step in advertising investment intended to consolidate the brand and support the sales network. We will keep you up-to-date, in the months to come, on further planned issue.