A special birthday with "A'la Lampa"

Italian style: in design, lighting... and in the kitchen!

A few weeks ago, an original event took place to celebrate the first year of partnership between Light4 and Ramko, our distributor in Poland. The event was hosted by our Ramko sales partner Joanna Raminger, who is also the owner of “A'la Lampa”, a prestigious sales area and showroom with headquarters in Warsaw and Katowice.


The atmosphere at this event was enlivened with a table offering the best of Italian enogastronomy and recipes provided by our export manager Jacopo Carrer, who played the role of chef, with his entertaining performance in the kitchen. About one hundred participants, including enthusiasts, designers and sector operators, were able to appreciate the lighting solutions of the three Light4 brands - Fa├žon de Venise, Muranoluce and Vintage - accompanied by good wine and some very Italian finger food.

It was an evening to be remembered at “A'la Lampa” in Warsaw, where Light4 and Ramko not only celebrated their first year of partnership but also the excellent results achieved. A special thank you goes out to Joanna Raminger and her collaborators. To mark up the occasion, we have made a mini album of this evening event. Meeting people, toasts and tastings were certainly given a value-added touch with Light4 lighting solutions!

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