Muranoluce: a new brand

Not just restyling, but also much more: it is pure evolution. In recent months, the image of the Muranolunce brand has been made more modern and contemporary. The attached PDF shows a selection of attractive details of new products and settings chosen for the rebirth of this historic brand.

Are you ready to discover it in a new light?


The new logo, graphically summed up in the two initials of the brand’s key words, instantly expresses a new corporate message. This transformation aims to re-dimension references to the Venetian island of Murano and its typical glass products to establish and extend the characteristics best suited to the contemporary lighting market.¬†


Simple and up-to-date: this is the new direction of “ml2011”.


With original versions, new lines and a few eliminations, the 2011 catalogue is enhanced with innovative technical solutions and carefully researched design. Some of the new features that we preview in the attachment are the outcome of collaboration with various designers: Drop and Fade by Brian Rasmussen, Fiodor by Diego Chilò, and Silhouette by Mauro Marzollo. But this is not all. The previous collections have also been carefully developed. We decided to present the products in industrial settings to highlight the rigorous style of Muranoluce, which is not only enhanced by prestigious designers but also by in-depth technological research. With its refined screen-printing, prismatic methacrylate and innovative sandblasted details with surprising effects, the new catalogue is just waiting to be discovered!


An additional new feature is Mlampashades, a mini-brand entirely dedicated to a wide range of lampshades. A comprehensive appendix to the catalogue shows this item in many versions. There are 42 variations including suspended lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, all available in 10 different coloured fabrics. This project, involving a complex and specific product solution, has also been created as a prerequisite to further development.

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