Light4 Design Contest 2011/2012

The Light4 De sign Contest is online!
The competition entitled “Façon de Venise – La luce e l'illusione” (Façon de Venise – Light and Illusion), launched last month, continues to bounce from one website to another, recording considerable feedback.

Many contacts have been made via e-mail, the dedicated Facebook page and the YouTube channel. You can find information about the competition in publications and blogs, including Europaconcorsi, Illuminotecnica, Nykyinen, Professione Architetto and many more. In addition to all this, we are collaborating with various university Design faculties. May we remind you that the deadline for competition entries is 15 December 2011. Please send information to your contacts about the competition announcement, which can be downloaded here.

documento formato pdf Download the competition announcement here