We present the preview of our new product CANDLE for our VINTAGE collection.

The candle, made of striped borosilicate glass, contains a sandblasted PMMA tube.
This tube transmit the light from the light source which is located in the base of the lamp. The lamp is suspended by two transparent wires that also power the light source.

LED 3.15W - 2700/3000°K - lm 410
Design L4B


"Autumn leaves", Schumann's Gardens, Leipzig.

The visual artist Julia Bornefeld has based on the "autumn song", Op. 43 no. 2 set by Robert A. Schumann, the passage of the front building to the courtyard and the staircases. Based on the Romanesque style and the emergence of mirror labyrinths of the 19th century, this "passage" was created in which the large-format and colored autumn leaves are printed multiple times on high-gloss stainless steel plates.

concept: Julia Bornefeld
architect: homuth+partner
customer: CG Gruppe Deutschland
curated by: Anja Gröner, Miracle Room Berlin, CG Gruppe AG Berlin
photo: Tom Züffle




The work we have done in this beautiful villa, overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy, perfectly represents the diversity of the LIGHT4 production.

The VENEZIA collection is here both with the standard colours as well as custom colours. The ATMOSPHERE chandelier adds the classical touch to the project. The RING collection has a special prismatic diffuser and finally the bespoke created glass drops complete the stunning staircase.


ECLISSE @ Beograd, Serbia


LIGHT4 is proud of having illuminated the elegant pastry shop DOLCE by Tintolino Family in Beograd, Serbia.

The glamour of our ECLISSE collection is emphasized by the mirrored ceilings and the exclusive interior.

A special thanks to

JAM, ITAMA collection


We are happy to introduce you our new refined suspension lamp: JAM.

JAM is a suspension lamp characterised by a metal dome enriched by a complex laser cutted ornament. The contrast between the decorated dome and the minimal superior cone creates an aesthetic balance. The light source is located inside the cone shaped element giving the light fixture a minimal aspect without any technical elements visible. The JAM has double light emission allowing the customer to choose whether to use the direct light source downwards, the indirect light source upwards or both. This feature adds another point to the exclusivity of the product.

Design Andrea Lazzari

USHER - the new Murano Glass Chandelier


We are proud to present our new collection USHER, designed by Enrico Corradini, at "The Venice Glass Week", the first international festival dedicated to the art of glass-making in Italy and internationally, with particular focus on Murano and Venetian glass.

The project is inspired by the novel of Edgar Allan Poe “The Fall of the House of Usher” and consists of a series of Murano glass chandelier made by masters of the island.

Solo show from 9th to 16th of September in Venice, Italy
San Marco, 1586 - 1588, Frezzeria

VERNISSAGE 9/9/2018 h18:00

Vintage BOOK 2018 / 06


We are proud to present our brand new Vintage Collection catalogue 2018/06 with the following novelties:

GHALIA: The new collection designed by Manuel Borri unites the precious crystal glass with the metal structure and it’s elegant brushed gold finish creating a pure Vintage product. The product is available both as single or multiple suspension lamps.
The CARNIVAL collection in blown glass covers the light bulb with different compositions of shapes, processing and colours creating a variety of emotions.
ECLISSE: The best seller has been restyled with new Oval, Rectangular and Mini Circle versions. Furthermore the collection is now available with a brushed gold finish paint.
MAPLE: The photo etched leaf gets a new life through new versions without the metal structure. Spectacular lighting installations.



The installation FONTANA ROSSA was created on the occasion of the 2nd Water Light Festival in Brixen South Tyrol / Italy and adorns the fountain on the square in front of the Hotel Elephant. Fifty red hydraulic hoses, three to five meters long, curved in the form of fountains of different heights, spring from the seven-cornered centre of the multi-level fountain. From one third of the red hoses, water flows steadily into the deeper wells of the well. The other hoses are provided with LEDs at the ends and immerse the water feature in the dark in light. Water is transparent and is usually associated with the colour blue. The hoses of the FONTANA ROSSA appear red in colour like veins of blood springing from within the well, giving the viewer an association of blood - body - life ... water.

LIGHT4 & FLOGLO - showroom in Chennai, India

LIGHT4 is proud to communicate the Inauguration / starting of the showroom in Chennai, India. The Multi-brand showroom FLOGLO International LLP will be displaying a special selection of contemporary & innovative design.

Between the exposed products inside a mixture of light & colours we can find products like: MAPLE, DROP & TIVOLI all designed by the LIGHT4 art director: Brian Rasmussen. MAPLE a productive design of LIGHT4 perfectly reflects how this brand is able to connect both with Venetian tradition & innovative technology LED.


CARNIVAL, new Vintage's collection 2018


The CARNIVAL collection in blown glass covers the light bulb with different compositions of shape, processing and colours creating a variety of emotions.

The collection is available both as single or multiple suspension lamps (3L & 6L circular, 3L linear). The structure finish is in brushed gold.

RING, new itama's collection 2018


A continuous circle of light. The upper and lower diffusers in PMMA are completely without any fixing elements which allows the light emission to be perfectly continuous. This is possible thanks to an innovative construction of the section of the lamp which unites the two sides through an internal metal bracket. The same bracket supports the light source which is integrated in a silicone body allowing the light emission to be completely uniform. The lamp has a double light emission.


BI-emission lighting. The constructive principle of the lamp allows a double light emission. This detail makes the product capable of illuminating the surrounding space with a 360 degrees light. The upper and lower light emission are equal both for what concerns quantity and colour giving a completely homogeneous effect.

MAPLE CUSTOM - Ø140 cm H270 cm # 1290 LEAFS.


LIGHT4 had the opportunity to create a very large multicolour MAPLE for THE ONE hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan. The result is a beautiful light sculptor that becomes protagonist in the elegant foyer.

Enjoy it!

The ONE hotel Астана.

TIVOLI collection @ Antique Bar, Split, Croatia.


LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the exclusive club Antique in Split Downtown / Croatia.

The selected product is our TIVOLI from VINTAGE catalogue. TIVOLI decorates the elegant interior with 2 pieces of SO COMPO 2 model in cognac glass finish, each with an impressive diameter of 140 cm. On the wall covered with mirror 4 TIVOLI AP have been placed which double their shape and beauty thanks to the reflected surface too.

Special thanks to


Also this year LIGHT4 is attending Saloni WorldWide Moscow, from 12th to 15th of October 2016 (HALL 8 BOOTH D27), within the Crocus Expo, the most important exhibition center in Russia.

LIGHT4 is present with all brands. Protagonist will be Of Interni, that is displaying its latest luxury and elegant novelties.



LIGHT 4 had the pleasure to create all the lighting of the ten rooms and of the common area in Chiara-Lodge.

The light of the Venezia suspension 12L emphasizes the white beamed ceiling in the dining area, while in the reception area the six IO provide a large amount of light for the desk.

All the rooms are illuminated by the Vintage Shades collection, with differents sizes, colours and typologies. Furthermore LIGHT 4 has developed a custom flexible wall sconce.

All results in an elegant and pleasant space.



LIGHT4 believes in the importance of dialogue

In 2015 LIGHT4 started cooperating with the German artist Julia Bornefeld, whose visionary ideas we turned into original installations. Since our first meeting we have developed several projects together and therefore we would like to dedicate this newsletter to our common creations.

click here for see the five projects (PDF)




LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with Modena Hospitality in the creating of project for the restaurant Nero Balsamico.

The 3 large LIMELIGHT installations, with their 108 black cups, integrate themselves perfectly in the elegant interior design.

The "chandelier style" are reinterpreted with the product SINFONIA that illuminates the walls. The result is a unique and exclusive space.

> Download the presentation here



LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with architect Gloria Greggio developing the lighting design of a private villa.


The product BRICK from brand Façon De Venise, design by Brian Rasmussen, creates large custom installations on the walls of the house using natural fabric.

Special thanks to Atmosphere Illuminazione, Rovigo.




Our collaboration with the Centro Veneto del Mobile continues.

This time we present big installations with the products: MLampshades, MISSTRASS and BLOOM.

These compositions are framed beautifully at the huge showroom located in Suello, Italy.

- Light is Life!

Finally here we are! Brand new Itama!

Itama - the Design of Light

ITAMA is the LIGHT4 brand that Distinguishes itself for the technological content and functionality of its products. Light is, in every product, the main player and all choices made are done so to value and optimise the light source.


Care in choice of lightsource and the search for utmost quality of light emission goes hand in hand with the minimal design, attention to detail and finishes of all ITAMA collections.


The technical evolution of light sources allows us new possibilities in lighting design, moving the traditional boundaries a little further away.


Our tradition to print limited edition stamps in Canada has this year the leaf of our Vintage collection: MAPLE, design by Brian Rasmussen, as subject.

perfectly defines the spirit and style of Vintage and represents the nation symbol of Canada.

A special thanks to our Canadian distributor INTERLIGHT, Hamilton, Ontario.



LIGHT4 had the pleasure to illuminate the elegant Flagship Store of the historical brand E. Marinella.

The project demanded the developing of a custom version of the SILHOUETTE collection designed by Mauro Marzollo for our ML brand.

The beauty of the mocha colour fabric and the golden interior of the lampshades, makes the product ideal for the classic style of the store.
Project by Studio Delportico and Light4StoreMilano.



Remarkable installations made for the Wine bar at Moar Gut Resort. Using simple glass bottles and a custom made metal structure these compositions have become real lighting fixtures.
The mixture of the contemporary style Alpine Chic , the natural materials of the architecture and our light installations makes certainly an high end atmosphere.

So…cheers everybody!