LIGHT4 facon de venise logo

quot;Façon de Venise" lighting fixtures and solutions are the essence of experimentation. This Light4 Group brand was created to develop and express the character and elegance of the classic Venetian chandelier.

Contemporary contaminations and new frontiers: "Façon de Venise" incorporates freedom of expression with top design. Established in 2006, today the brand is backed by the Light4 Group’s sound experience in the lighting and contract furnishing sector.

Each "Façon de Venise" collection interprets some of the most recognizable styles of the Venetian tradition expressed via new aesthetic concepts. This ongoing process involves reworking DNA and enhancing genius loci while experimenting with materials, colours and shapes that continuously interact with the lighting component.

"Façon de Venise" collections have been chosen for the interiors of many fashionable and unique bars/restaurants, exclusive settings and homes, which let you dream a little.

"facon de venise"