Itama becomes part of the Light4 team!

As of today, the group's 4th brand accompanies Vintage, Façon de Venise, and the restyled ML brand. With the Itama collection, which expresses the creative talent of designer Massimo Tonetto, Light4 strengthens its presence in an important market segment: architectural and technical lighting. Read More...

Vintage style at the trade fair in Moscow

Vintage style was presented at the 7th edition of Saloni WorldWide in Moscow, which took place at Crocus Expo, from 12 to 15 October. For the first time, Light4 took part in this leading showcase for the Home Furnishings sector. Not only is it aimed at the Russian market but also at other countries in its geo-political area. With over 30,000 visitors registered, Saloni WorldWide Moscow is a special meeting venue for architects and interior designers, and an event of great interest to international traders in the sector. Read More...

Light4 Design Contest 2011/2012

The Light4 De sign Contest is online!
The competition entitled “Façon de Venise – La luce e l'illusione” (Façon de Venise – Light and Illusion), launched last month, continues to bounce from one website to another, recording considerable feedback. Many contacts have been made via e-mail, the dedicated Facebook page and the YouTube channel. Read More...

August 2011: Muranoluce a new brand


Not just restyling, but also much more: it is pure evolution. In recent months, the image of the Muranolunce brand has been made more modern and contemporary. The attached PDF shows a selection of attractive details of new products and settings chosen for the rebirth of this historic brand.

Are you ready to discover it in a new light? Read More...

June 2011: "Plana"


The new Muranoluce catalogue is just about ready. To ease the waiting, here is a preview of the new “Plana” line, which also includes a wall lamp and a suspended lamp.

In addition to discovering these original versions and the new settings, you can download the attached PDF file, and have a taste of the new Muranoluce catalogue. Work has been done over the last few months to completely restyle the brand and its products, starting with the new “ml” logo and many new features that will be presented soon. Muranoluce focuses on contemporary lighting, introducing innovative technical and technological content. This preview starts the countdown to the new catalogue.

May 2011: and Facebook

The new Façon de Venise website is officially online as of today. Powered by Studiomama, has been designed as a true showcase for the brand and its original creations. Products are the protagonists: full-screen scenes and still life images are visible in the background of the various sections. For each line of this vibrant Light4 brand, you can also explore technical specifications and 3D models, which can be easily downloaded. Read More...

March 2011: Elfiluce


The first Light4 single-brand space in Italy has opened in March at Elfiluce in Ravenna. It reinforces our presence on the domestic market. A store covering 100m2 offers a wide range of products, which includes three sections dedicated to our brands: Muranoluce, Vintage and Façon de Venise. Read More...

February 2011: Brian Rasmussen

Since February, the Danish designer has been permanently engaged in several areas: new product development, design and contract furnishings. This new partnership confirms the ambition of our brand to grow and consolidate its role in the lighting and design sector. Rassmussen was born in Ringsted, Denmark. After graduating from the “Royal Academy of Architecture” in Copenhagen in 2000, he has been living and working in Venice for about ten years. He has won prestigious awards in the field of architecture. Since 2004, he has gradually established himself as a lighting designer. After collaborating with “Louis Poulsen Lighting” and many Italian brands, in 2010 he designed two top products in the latest Façon de Venise catalogue: Aqua and Bloom. Today, Rasmussen and Light4 are consolidating a strategic partnership, which, if previous ones are anything to go by, looks truly promising. We welcome Brian and wish him all the best!

January 2011: "A'la Lampa"


Italian style: in design, lighting... and in the kitchen!

A few weeks ago, an original event took place to celebrate the first year of partnership between Light4 and Ramko, our distributor in Poland. The event was hosted by our Ramko sales partner Joanna Raminger, who is also the owner of “A'la Lampa”, a prestigious sales area and showroom with headquarters in Warsaw and Katowice. Read More...