January 2014: Dear

Bloom, by Façon de Venise, is among the main protagonists of the Vera Barindelli's family villa, as shown in the Dear magazine. We are very proud to have realized her dream about a familiar and authentic home. Bloom, designed by Brian Rasmussen, was installed by Light4storeMilano.

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June 2012: Bravacasa


The June issue of the monthly magazine “Bravacasa” presents “Sinfonia” by Itama, designed by Massimo Tonetto. The new entry among the Light4 brands is therefore ready to lead “the evolution of species” in the field of classic lighting solutions. The item is on page 46 of this month’s issue of the magazine dedicated to the furniture and design world. The review entitled “Candidi Chandelier” explores the new facets of the chandelier, and illustrates the white wall version of one of the top products in the Itama catalogue.

January 2012: DOMUS (PICS)

The stylized waves of light designed by Brian Rasmussen for "Drop", one of the new products in the ML catalogue, are on page 129 of the magazine DOMUS. The January 2012 Issue no. 954 of this prestigious monthly magazine of architecture and design, founded in 1929 by Italian architect Gio Ponti, has a completely white cover designed by architects Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck and Jo Taillieu. It hosts the brand of the Light4 Group inside the section "Rassegna" dedicated to the lighting sector. "Drop" is also published on the website of the magazine at this link.

January 2012: BRAVACASA (PICS)

Twofold success also for highly stylish “Fiodor” by Diego Chilò: a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp from the new ML catalogue have been published on page 181 of the January 2012 issue of the monthly magazine RCS Bravacasa, and on the furnishings portal AT Casa (376,000 single users per month) at this link. “Fiodor” is presented in the review “Idee Luminose” dedicated to the most original solutions for the kitchen.


November 2011: BRAVACASA (PICS)

We also end on a positive note with the section dedicated to our press review. Light4 is present in the November issue of BRAVACASA with all its brands in two different sections that the monthly magazine RCS dedicates to the lighting sector. In "Punto di vista" an article about the decorative effects of light, we can find "Crown", created by Lorenzo Bertocco for the Vintage brand on page 161, and "Pashà" from the ML catalogue on the following page.
Instead, on page 281,"Bagliori Open air", a review of outdoor lamps, shows Rebecca, a blue version from the Chandelier line by Façon de Venise..



A new advertising campaign for Façon de Venise: after Misstrass and Bloom, now Limelight is the protagonist. We have decided to share an exceptionally visible advertising space with our main retailers in a double-page spread in the May issue of Bravacasa. This RCS Group monthly magazine has been completely restyled: made glamorous and presented at the most recent Salone del Mobile di Milano, it has new graphics, new contents, a large number of pages (over 450) and a record-breaking circulation of 350,000 copies. Our advert on pages 46-47 is in true pole position. Light4 chose to take advantage of this opportunity at a time when all spotlights were on the interior design and furniture sector.

March 2011: illuminotecnica.com (PICS)

... On the Web! This time, Chandelier is being talked about. One of the most representative products of the Façon de Venise brand, it is the protagonist of a positive review on illuminotecnica.com, the new portal of Gruppo Maggioli dedicated to lighting installers, lighting designers and engineers. The review, which shows an attractive setting for a version in the Chandelier line, not only presents the “artistic” idea of plastic combined with the classic shape of the Venetian chandelier but also efficiently sums up Façon de Venise style. “Chic outdoor lighting”... is just waiting to be shared on Facebook, twitter and the entire network!

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February 2011: OFARCH (PICS)

Geometrical lines and light: the perfect combination of Box is in OFARCH. Technical lighting, with a focus on design, on page 171 of the January/February 2011 issue nr.116 presents Box in a ceiling version. This bimonthly magazine of architecture and design published by the DDW (Design Diffusion World) Group, in Italian and English, dedicates a space to Light4 in the “Abaco” column, with one of the top products of the Muranoluce brand.

February 2011: TRENDY (PICS)

Light4 also gets noticed abroad. Two attractive interiors showing Bloom and Aqua from the Façon de Venise brand were published on pages 78 and 79 of the Polish monthly magazine TRENDY, October 2010 issue nr. 40. We would like to thank our agent in Poland, Joanna Raminger, for reporting this important article in one of the most highly rated Polish magazines on lifestyle, fashion and design.

December 2010: BRAVACASA (PICS)

In an article in the November issue of BRAVACASA, the Aqua line, from the new Façon de Venise catalogue, is crowned one of the most popular products of the year by the specialized press. The hanging lamps designed by Brian Rasmussen are illustrated in this issue with a new look. At page 160, a close-up shows Aqua with an intimate look that enhances its simple and elegant materials. The versatility of this product line is highlighted in a bedroom setting inspired by the latest trends in eco-design.


Light4 also gets noticed abroad. After taking part in the leading shows and events of the year (Light+Building in Frankfurt, London Design Festival and Interieur at Kortrijk), the foreign press also presents our brands. In addition to presenting Façon de Venise, Muranoluce and Vintage, the November issue of the English monthly magazine CONCEPT FOR LIVING illustrates two products, at page 60 from the right, Chandelier and Glamour, from the respective catalogues.

October 2010: ANNA (PICS)

Dip into design with Façon de Venise and the Aqua line. This was offered by the weekly women’s magazine ANNA, edited by Maria Latella, on page 231 of its 38th edition issued in September. “Everything is illuminated”, the title of the report on the furnishing world, offers some of the most interesting design solutions in the lighting sector. Aqua, created by Danish designer Brian Rasmussen, has gained a prestigious position on the first page, with a version in blue, sky blue and creamy white.

October 2010: BRAVACASA (PICS)

Trends: vintage and contemporary design solutions. The interior shown on page 63 of the October issue of BRAVACASA focuses on the versatility of Façon de Venise products. The “up & down” suspended effect of Aqua, fits into an original, timeless combination of styles and contents. In this report, the Aqua line, designed by Brian Rasmussen, is the protagonist of the review entitled “Nuovo+vintage”, edited by interior designer Alessandro Pasinelli.

October 2010: OTTAGONO (PICS)

OTTAGONO, edition 233, September 2010, page 125: here is Aqua. We happily conclude with a short press review in this magazine that is published in two languages and issued in 65 countries. Since 1966, OTTAGONO has been a point of reference for the design and architecture sector. The Aqua line from the new Façon de Venise catalogue gets noticed three times, showing the appreciation of the sector-related press. But this is not all, since we have reserved some new surprises.

August 2010: INTERNI (PICS)

The Design Networking of INTERNI magazine focuses on Light4. A review of the Frankfurt trade fair entitled “New lighting technology”, in the special September 2010 issue dedicated to contemporary Italian design, presents a highly attractive all-white version of Bloom. This creation, by Danish designer Brian Rasmussen for the new Façon de Venise catalogue, is illustrated at the beginning of the review on page 45. With its minimalist geometrical lines and attractive organic shapes, once again, the specialized press has pinpointed Bloom in its reviews of the Frankfurt Light&Building trade fair, where it was presented for the first time.


The art of lighting according to DIMORE DI CHARME magazine: the Vintage brand immediately becomes a protagonist. On page 104 of the October issue, the second issue of this new monthly magazine, a 6-page review entitled “Light effects” offers suggestions and ideas for the classic lighting sector. From the Vintage catalogue by Light4 we can find: a splendid version of Agata comprising 8 lamps with organza lampshades (page 107), an attractive detail of Rezzonico highlighting finely crafted Murano glass (page 109), and two different versions of the Alpha line. With original modern touches, once again, Vintage brand products prove to be the ideal solution for sophisticated classic style furnishings.