ECLISSE @ Beograd, Serbia


LIGHT4 is proud of having illuminated the elegant pastry shop DOLCE by Tintolino Family in Beograd, Serbia.

The glamour of our ECLISSE collection is emphasized by the mirrored ceilings and the exclusive interior.

A special thanks to



The installation FONTANA ROSSA was created on the occasion of the 2nd Water Light Festival in Brixen South Tyrol / Italy and adorns the fountain on the square in front of the Hotel Elephant. Fifty red hydraulic hoses, three to five meters long, curved in the form of fountains of different heights, spring from the seven-cornered centre of the multi-level fountain. From one third of the red hoses, water flows steadily into the deeper wells of the well. The other hoses are provided with LEDs at the ends and immerse the water feature in the dark in light. Water is transparent and is usually associated with the colour blue. The hoses of the FONTANA ROSSA appear red in colour like veins of blood springing from within the well, giving the viewer an association of blood - body - life ... water.

MAPLE CUSTOM - Ø140 cm H270 cm # 1290 LEAFS.


LIGHT4 had the opportunity to create a very large multicolour MAPLE for THE ONE hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan. The result is a beautiful light sculptor that becomes protagonist in the elegant foyer.

Enjoy it!

The ONE hotel Астана.

TIVOLI collection @ Antique Bar, Split, Croatia.


LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the exclusive club Antique in Split Downtown / Croatia.

The selected product is our TIVOLI from VINTAGE catalogue. TIVOLI decorates the elegant interior with 2 pieces of SO COMPO 2 model in cognac glass finish, each with an impressive diameter of 140 cm. On the wall covered with mirror 4 TIVOLI AP have been placed which double their shape and beauty thanks to the reflected surface too.

Special thanks to



LIGHT 4 had the pleasure to create all the lighting of the ten rooms and of the common area in Chiara-Lodge.

The light of the Venezia suspension 12L emphasizes the white beamed ceiling in the dining area, while in the reception area the six IO provide a large amount of light for the desk.

All the rooms are illuminated by the Vintage Shades collection, with differents sizes, colours and typologies. Furthermore LIGHT 4 has developed a custom flexible wall sconce.

All results in an elegant and pleasant space.



LIGHT4 believes in the importance of dialogue

In 2015 LIGHT4 started cooperating with the German artist Julia Bornefeld, whose visionary ideas we turned into original installations. Since our first meeting we have developed several projects together and therefore we would like to dedicate this newsletter to our common creations.

click here for see the five projects (PDF)




LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with Modena Hospitality in the creating of project for the restaurant Nero Balsamico.

The 3 large LIMELIGHT installations, with their 108 black cups, integrate themselves perfectly in the elegant interior design.

The "chandelier style" are reinterpreted with the product SINFONIA that illuminates the walls. The result is a unique and exclusive space.

> Download the presentation here



LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with architect Gloria Greggio developing the lighting design of a private villa.


The product BRICK from brand Façon De Venise, design by Brian Rasmussen, creates large custom installations on the walls of the house using natural fabric.

Special thanks to Atmosphere Illuminazione, Rovigo.




LIGHT4 had the pleasure to illuminate the elegant Flagship Store of the historical brand E. Marinella.

The project demanded the developing of a custom version of the SILHOUETTE collection designed by Mauro Marzollo for our ML brand.

The beauty of the mocha colour fabric and the golden interior of the lampshades, makes the product ideal for the classic style of the store.
Project by Studio Delportico and Light4StoreMilano.



Remarkable installations made for the Wine bar at Moar Gut Resort. Using simple glass bottles and a custom made metal structure these compositions have become real lighting fixtures.
The mixture of the contemporary style Alpine Chic , the natural materials of the architecture and our light installations makes certainly an high end atmosphere.

So…cheers everybody!



German "Delikatesse" meets italian design.
LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the shops/bistros of the succesfull brand: VINZENZMURR, Bayern, Gemany. We have chosen MISSTRASS in various sizes and versions that, with it's elements in PMMA, gives a sensation of luxury and creativity to the interiors.

The color LIME of the octagons is the perfect combination with the natural wood of VINZENZMURR. We are very proud of this new collaboration. A special thanks to Interior Collection by Niky Szilagyi & Florian Vogel.



LIGHT4 has completed a big composition with the MLampshades collection in the brand new Centro Veneto del Mobile showroom near Lecco, Italy. 33 lampshades of different dimensions create a 6 x 10 meters rectangle of color e light. Take a look…



The new "Eccellenze Campane" mall is located in the heart of Naples, and it offers a wide selection of typical regional food and wine. "Eccellenze Campane" is also designed to accommodate cultural events in a cozy and picturesque location. Light4, in collaboration with the architect Carleo, has illuminated the restaurants with MLampshades, in their custom red version.



The renovation of the historical archives of Milan Cathedral, which was celebrated last 5th November 2013, wrote a new chapter in the history of this city. In the same way, Light4 added a new chapter to its own history.

The composition Limelight at the center of the Reading Room, thanks to its modular and highly customizable nature, helps to create the right atmosphere, where tradition blends perfectly with the modern design and style.



Clothing boutique for man and woman located in the heart of the more fashionable city of Germany, Dusseldorf, welcomes Mistrass by Façon de Venise. Stretching over 2 floors in the main lobby, Mistrass fits perfectly with the intimate and relaxed atmosphere that the boutique has always conveyed to its customers. A special thanks goes to our customer August Frank Gmbh & Co and to the C.Wirschke Gmbh.



Modularity & design: it borns BRICK by Light4. Planning and creativity are the elements that characterize BRICK, the new creation of our brand "Façon de Venise".

Composed by five basic modules and by as many as twenty different colors, BRICK is the ideal solution for lighting large spaces without having to give up the decorative and estetic side: infinities, then, are the geometries that can be obtained by combining the various modules between them.



Atmosphere, relaxation, class and elegance are the characteristics shared by both the Hotel Quadrifoglio Pomigliano D'arco in Naples and the brand Façon de Venise by Light4.

The compositions up and down AQUA and hanging lights BLOOM and AQUA SPHERE, give to the various locations of the hotel the right warm and cozy atmosphere, in perfect Light4 style.



The brewery Spiller in Padua, designed by architect Baesso Bernardino, is the first of a long series of successful restaurants, also thanks to the absolutely exclusive internal and external locations.

The gazebos are illuminated by the characteristic and colorful rubber chandeliers SUZANNE and BARBARA from the Façon de Venise collection, which help to create a pleasant and original atmosphere.



Lots of space, light and colour to stimulate the imagination and the desire to be a child. The welcome is all that more important when those who are inhabiting the space are having their first experience away from home and are under 100 cm tall: this is the framework for the collaboration between Gabutti Illuminazione and the municipal nursery school in Bascapè.



The protagonist of our monthly appointment with customization and project development is Brian Rasmussen’s Aqua, for Façon de Venise. Fantasy has no boundaries in a sea of ocean blue and sky blue lights. Aqua is a maxi creation devised for a large space, aiming at verticality with 5 levels dropping down for over 3 meters to light an elegant lounge room. And finally, how to unite shapes? Through multiple spheres, running all the way from the designer's hand to the final result.



At the base of all our projects is the idea that the product should be developed according to the personality of the place of destination or of the request. Listening and dialogue are the starting points for learning about and finding the solution in mutual harmony. Today a new journey begins through our "custom story": the projects that have led us to develop unique pieces for spaces full of personality.

Mistrass reveals itself in three completely new versions, each of them different: a composition with an imposing breadth, six-meter-long cascades of colour and finally a composition of spheres. Every request involving colour, size or critical technique is analysed and developed by the Light4 technical studio, to reconstruct the reality down to the slightest detail.

BLOOM honours Japanese cuisine


The petals and glow of Bloom harmonise perfectly with the modern environment of the Japanese restaurant Regina, of Bergamo. Like three large flowers, the hanging lamps are set as the visual centre of attention, giving continuity to the linear path of wall lights. The project was developed by "Luce In" of Bergamo.

Contract story of December


In December, a new journey begins worldwide through projects and installations designed by Light4. We start from the charming town of Richmond, just seven miles from Central London, where between breakfast and an aperitif you can lift your gaze towards Aqua and Musa.

For dinner we head instead to Germany, to the Restaurant Chopelin im Casino. A Michelin star for its refined and innovative cuisine in a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere, the ideal place for a Crown-lit dinner by Vintage.

Lenbach Palais brightens up with Light4


The legendary Lenbach Palais reopened in October 2012 to become the new Munich’s glamour meeting point. An extensive gastronomic experience developing a 360-degree style concept. Twenty Misstrass Sphere by Façon de Venise were inserted between the lounge bar and the restaurant area to light up the atmosphere. The natural shiny effect of the lamp is highlighted by the original finishings and colours, that can be customised upon request.

Work in progress, The Avenues Mall Kuwait!


Illuminating the largest shopping centre of Kuwait is the size of this mission; 7 x 5 meters is the size of the imposing oval, composed of almost three thousand prisms, that welcomes guests to the centre. Plays of light and wonder harmonise perfectly with the style of the place thanks to the many months of work we did there. Here are pictures from idea's development to its realisation.

June 2012: a preview of The Avenues Mall centre

A maxi ceiling lamp in record-breaking dimensions: 7x5 metres. A breathtaking lighting installation will be created at the end of August for the largest shopping centre in Kuwait. After months of work and painstaking reviews of the design, Light4 staff members are ready to light up The Avenues Mall centre with this fully customised lighting installation. The mega oval-shaped luminaire comprises almost 3,000 triangular-based prisms in transparent methacrylate positioned at three concentric levels. Cold-cathode lighting emits an overall power of 7,000W. This explosion of light also filters from the side profiles in bronze-effect lacquered sheet metal, which is laser cut to obtain attractive modular Arabesque decorations. But this is only a preview. Follow us to find out more...

May 2012: Hotel Lunetta, Rome


The “symphonies” of light by the Itama brand adorn the “Imperial” room of Hotel Lunetta, close to Campo dei Fiori. We are in Rome, in one of the most prestigious 4-star luxury hotels in the historic centre.
Here, Light4 is present with an innovative revival of the classic Venetian chandelier by the designer Massimo Tonetto. Distinct features, transparency and light: “Sinfonia”, comprising two overlapping methacrylate sheets with silk-screen printing, has been installed in the communal areas of the hotel, in a suspended version and a wall lamp version, in red and black. In the rooms and corridors we can find the minimalist elegance of  “Miraggio”, also by the Itama brand.
And with this purity of style, we can begin our walk around the eternal city...

May 2012: Crowne Plaza, St. Petersburg


A bridge from the Baltic to the Adriatic by Façon de Venise. The recently restyled Crowne Plaza in St. Petersburg, Russia, features two best selling products of the Façon de Venise brand and highlights their versatility.
A long sequence of Misstrass, in transparent crystal glass, stretches a few metres along the cocktail bar accompanied by bar stools. In addition, a room with burgundy velvet couches is dotted with compositions from the collection by Mauro Marzollo, including a floor lamp and a wall lamp version, with ruby red elements.
The lounge area of this prestigious hotel is illuminated with “Aqua” by Brian Rasmussen, with various compositions in creamy white and mocha.

April 2012: Novi Aquarium, Romania


Gourmet elegance and style! At the Novi Aquarium restaurant in Bucharest, a little Italian influence can be found in the chef’s dishes, including pasta with lobster and a selection of cold meats, and in the lighting installations by Light4, featuring two of its brands. Attractive dark wood walls alternate with the Murano glass bubbles of lamps in the Vintage brand: “Ares Bulbs” and “Musa”, in a floor lamp and wall lamp version. In the dining room, a minimalist touch is ensured with “Lampshades” creamy white suspended lamps, in the ML collection, featuring a prismatic methacrylate diffuser. Modern and classic, innovation and creativity come together in this restaurant situated in the busy Calea Floreasca of the Romanian capital, showing the synergy that exists between our different brands: ML and Vintage. Enjoy your meal, and all the rest!

March 2012: Suomu Hotel, Finland


In Finland they have decided to do things on a large scale. In the lounge area of Hotel Suomu, in the Lapland region, two splendid circular suspended lamps from the "Aqua" line dominate the modern, stylish and attractive setting. For this project, the line from the Façon de Venise brand, created by the designer Brian Rasmussen, was made in maxi size in earth brown and cream white: 60cm lampshades with a maximum diameter of 36cm. Hotel Suomu has recently been refurbished in a style that brings together elegant Nordic design and a prestigious natural setting. The pure shapes of "Aqua" and the warm material quality of the chosen fabric offer an interesting aesthetic solution.

January 2012: Brasserie Baroche, Paris


Light4 and Façon de Venise close to the splendid Champs Elysées: Aqua, Bloom and Claude illuminate the nouvelle cuisine of Brasserie Baroche in Paris. Among the fine fragrances of gourmet dishes that include "foie gras" and "riz au lait crémeux", the tables and rooms of this highly popular Parisian restaurant sparkle with lights by Façon de Venise.
Rooms, furnished in different styles, host the informal simplicity of Claude, the luminous tube in Pyrex by Lorenzo Bertocco, as well as the vintage elegance of Aqua and the exuberance of Bloom, both by Brian Rasmussen. Whether you are here for a Ricard-based cocktail or for a quick "plat du jour", the light of Façon de Venise will be there to accompany you...

December 2011: Stroili Oro - Flagship Store, Milan


Dazzling lights and a touch of glamour: Stroili Oro has chosen Light4 to provide the lighting for its new flagship stores and its 350 sales outlets throughout Italy. The lighting fixtures made in our lab according to the specifications of studio Vudafieri Saverino Partners, recall the key feature of this Italian brand of jewellery. The large cylindrical lampshades in different sizes, which decorate the shop windows and interiors of the trendiest stores in the Stroili Oro chain, just had to have gold upholstery. Read More...

October 2011: private residence in London


We ideally extend our summer memories with this journey to the Balearic Islands and the temple of nightlife in Ibiza...

Nights at Blue Marlin, one of the most popular clubs on this Spanish island, are lit up by Chandelier, the Venetian chandelier in rubber for outdoors, from Façon de Venise. At this beach club for VIPs (attended by world-famous footballers, front-page stars, actors and musicians, including Zinédine Zidane and Paris Hilton), numerous white versions can be found from the Façon de Venise brand, all equipped with a kit in transparent light blue silicone. Read More...

September 2011: Balearic Islands


We ideally extend our summer memories with this journey to the Balearic Islands and the temple of nightlife in Ibiza...

Nights at Blue Marlin, one of the most popular clubs on this Spanish island, are lit up by Chandelier, the Venetian chandelier in rubber for outdoors, from Façon de Venise. At this beach club for VIPs (attended by world-famous footballers, front-page stars, actors and musicians, including Zinédine Zidane and Paris Hilton), numerous white versions can be found from the Façon de Venise brand, all equipped with a kit in transparent light blue silicone. Read More...

June 2011: Zoo Lounge, Nicosia


An aperitif in the Garden of Eden: among flowering meadows, dazzling fluorescent lights and ...Chandelier!

The interior design at Zoo Lounge in Nicosia creates an attractive blend of minimalist furnishing accessories and its original decorative ceiling fittings. Hanging flowers, colourful rugs in sinuous shapes and naturalistic details provide a backdrop for different versions of the Chandelier line by Façon de Venise. The coloured rubber chandelier is equipped with an outdoor kit with a transparent blue-tinted silicone coating.
Suzanne, Barbara, Vanessa... amber, red and acid green...

May 2011: Cervia, Cesena and Ravenna


There is something for everyone in this special contract news edition...
Included are the design projects achieved in recent months in various eating places in Romagna, thanks to fruitful cooperation with Elfiluce. Starting with the red shades of Misstrass at Nouvelle Vague (coffee bar) in Cervia, we then continue with two spectacular installations of Limelight 28.6 at the Pasticceria Cesenate (patisserie), and then go on to Ravenna. Here, after a stop at the Gelateria Bianco (ice cream parlour), where the minimalist setting is enhanced with a crystal green version of Misstrass, we arrive at the entrance to “Antichi Sapori di Casa”, an elegant delicatessen and butchers with a mezzanine in the historic centre of the town, with its suspended lamp in honey shades. Read More...

February 2011: SIGEP, Rimini


From 22 – 26 January, SIGEP - the International Exhibition of Artisan Ice cream, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery products - took place at the trade fair centre in Rimini. The lighting for the stand of Tecnoarredamenti, a longstanding company in Friuli and a leader in planning and designing high-class confectionery stores, was provided with two impressive versions of Limelight. With the sheer spectacular effect of Limelight, the unique and innovative glass display counters characteristic of the modern and elegant style of Tecnoarredamenti created a truly exclusive interior. The Façon de Venise chandelier with separate elements was provided in the 28.6 crystal glass version. Recalling the shapes of classic Venetian chandeliers, restyled with separate suspended elements and alternative sources of light, once again, Limelight proved to be an essential design object: versatile, natural, elegant and trendy. Many of the 106,000 visitors to this successful edition of SIGEP, could not help but notice it...

November 2010: the Paris Motor Show


A spectacular futuristic exhibition stand, designed to communicate creativity, technology and dynamic appeal: here Façon de Venise was chosen. At the Paris Motor Show, held from 2  - 17th October 2010, an exhibition set-up created by AKDV design agency for Citroen and designed to cover 4,000 m2, left many amazed. The new C4 was dominated by an enormous circular screen, the first in the world, as well as trails of light, minimalist furnishings, 3D simulators and much more from a car manufacturer with personality and style as its strong points.
The same can be said of Light4...

September 2010: Terrazza Drago, Jesolo Lido


The beach and nightlife: Aqua modular lighting arrangements are an excellent accompaniment to cocktails, breakfasts and happy hours in a brand-new bar! We are in the beach resort entertainment capital along the northern Adriatic coast, and in the most ambitious architectural building in the town. Terrazza Drago is located in Piazza Drago, Jesolo Lido, at the foot of the recently finished tall twin towers. This new, sophisticated bar is part of the renowned entertainment scene of Jesolo. Read More...

June 2010: La Cigale Hotel, Doha


80 light points, 3.5 meters in diameter, 6 meters high, 2 tons in weight and 4 months work. These figures sum up the work undertaken at La Cigale Hotel in Doha, Qatar. In the entrance hall of this 5-star hotel, Rezzonico is the absolute protagonist of luxury. This classic Venetian-style chandelier from our Vintage collection has been restyled in a maxi version for this project. One thousand and one nights in Venetian style: at La Cigale Hotel, Light4 staff, comprising 4 technicians, also installed 16 chandeliers with 24 lights in the community areas of the hotel and supplied mirrors and wall lamps. With this important project, Light4 reconfirms its focus on the contract market, its international dimension and its ability to meet customer requirements. For example, in its choice of colors: these original creations in amber and gold, embellished with turquoise and pink vitreous paste flowers add to the charm and prestige of this luxury hotel. On the attached presentation PDF, we have summed up the main steps in our work at this hotel.